Venture Center Founders

Startup Founders

Startup founders and team members affiliated with Mines can participate in the Venture Center Program to determine if there’s a market need for their concept or develop a business model.

The program provides support on business model development, introductions to mentors with technical or industry expertise, and guidance for raising capital.

Founder support after the Beck Venture Center opens will include four pillars – Training, Industry Partnerships, Events and a Collaborative Community – supplemented with funding through grants and preparation for raising investment capital.


Startups featured




Collect. Understand. Optimize.

Retail tech using current security camera infrastructure to capture and analyze customer shopping & purchase behaviors

Homes that live with you

Reconfigurable modular housing system that increases the speed of assembly while decreasing labor cost

Healing Wounds Faster

Hydrogel wound dressing company that provides products that improve wound healing by reducing inflammation and offering sustained drug delivery over time

Solutions in a Data Driven World

Telemetry equipment to manage environmental risks and help forest landowners make informed decisions

For a Greener Future

Hemp processing equipment for CBD extraction that is faster, cheaper & requires less space

Outperforms Other Antimicrobials

Products that instantly disinfect the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch

Orbital Mining Corporation

Power conversion manufacturer for Aerospace, Defense and other challenging applications/environments

Reducing Solar Power Risks

Testing systems for higher quality solar panels, enabling improved quality, higher financial returns and lower risks

Clean Energy Stroage

Renewell Energy aims to convert 1 million inactive oil and gas wells into 1 million hours of clean energy storage.